Do blogs need introductions?…

This is my first ever blog. I had never thought I would ever blog in my life, an ex-girlfriend of mine used to blog and she spent a large portion of her day to day life taking pictures and writing epics about dates I had taken her on and things we had cooked at home for dinner. Now, while my dates are probably great, I don’t believe that they each needed to be written about so obsessively (she was however, extremely sweet to do so). Therefore, just like the film director Quentin Tarantino, I shall pick a set number for the amount of masterpieces (or in my case more mediocre pieces) I create and this shall be, an almighty ten.

I shall try to keep my posts as short and sweet as possible, I shall not bore you with how “as I opened my eyes for the first time that day, I felt a sense of overwhelming excitement for the day to come” or how I brushed my teeth or how my housemate had almost made me late, by deciding to park behind me on the driveway and completely block me in, resulting in an argument (worthy of a Tarantino movie), the details of which I would rather forget (she used nasty words, I don’t win arguments with my housemate).  I will instead try to focus on the main event, the bit where I made some glass in a Zoo vanish, spoke to a snake and sent it chasing after her in revenge….or was that something that I read?.

This blog will not be about that, but will instead be about the wonderful world outside. In the posts to come, I will write enthusiastically about my days spent in a woods learning how to become a primary teacher, the various activities I undertake and some of the juicy bits of Science behind them. For me, this will hopefully result in me at least passing my module at university. For you, this may result in complete boredom, headaches, a serious wish to read something else, thoughts about wasting your life and desires to do something a bit more fun. Hopefully despite this, you will also learn a little something!.

So What is a Forest School?

According to Knight (2011), a forest school is an educational experience that takes part in an outdoor environment often in a wooded area, however the experience is not limited to only wooded locations. To be a forest school, Knight states that some key elements should be present which are illustrated below:


Are Forest Schools Beneficial to a Child’s Education?

There has been a lot of research into the benefits and potential problems associated with forest schools and there are theorists on both sides. The general consensus however is that “taking children out to experience the environment and to work in exciting and different settings has a significant positive impact on the quality of their learning and on the relationship between teacher and pupils” (Harlen and Qualter, 2009)

Bears Quote of The Day:

“You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly” – Bear Grylls

If you for some reason wish to learn a little more about what this is all about please visit the “about” page. If you wish to contact me and are not someone I know in person please visit the “contact” page.

I look forward to exploring the world outside with you, inside… on the internet… probably at a desk… in a nice warm home.


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What is Forest School?

Harlen, W. and Qualter, A. (2009) The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools. 5th edn. Oxon: Routledge

Knight, S. (ed.) (2011) Forest school for all. London:Sage Publications

Maynard, T. (2007) “Forest Schools in Great Britain: An Initial Exploration”, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 8(4) p.320, doi:10.2304/ciec.2007.8.4.320


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