MasterChef Wilderness Style!

There is something about food cooked on a good fire that makes many peoples mouths just water! I for one, am a huge fan of anything coming off of a fire! Flamed grilled burgers, sizzling sausages and scrummy smores are all some of my favourites!

One thing I was not aware that could be cooked on an open fire and not in a pan however was popcorn! Today not only did I learn that this was possible, but it was extremely easy with the right equipment and a bit of good old fashioned improvisation! In this post, I am going to tell you how I did it and what exactly happens when a popcorn “POPS!”.

What I used/What you will need:

  • 2 sieves
  • some string
  • a sharp knife or some scissors
  • a sturdy stick/branch of approximately 1 metre in length

What to do in 5 easy steps!

  • 1 – tie the end of the sieves together (side opposite to the handles) so that the sieves are joined  as one but can be opened in half.
  • 2- Tie the handle of one of the sieves securely  to the sturdy branch/stick that you have decided to use (so that they do not fall off and cause all your tasty popcorn to burn).
  • 3 – Cut and tie a loop using some of the string, large enough so that the branch and sieve handle can be fed through and unfed with a small pull but not loose enough that they come apart of their own free will.
  • 4 – put popcorn in the sieves and put the loop over to keep the popcorn locked in.
  • 5 – hold this above the fire and eventually the magic will happen! and you will be let with delicious popcorn! Take care not to burn as this will ruin the taste.


Trust me it works!

And now for some Science! Why does popcorn “POP”?

To illustrate this I will leave you in the very capable hands of the YouTuber “NerdSanctum” and his video which explains all about popcorn popping in only a minute and a half!.


Bears Quote of The Day:

“When I’m filming, survival requires movement. You need your energy, and you’ve got to eat the bad stuff and survival food is rarely pretty, but you kind of do it. I get in that zone and I eat the nasty stuff, but I’m not like that when I’m back home” – Bear Grylls

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