An End to Our Time Together, The Almighty Tenth

And so the time is here, the last post. The tenth. I have really enjoyed writing these little snippets of information every week and I find it sad to be going. I hope that while reading these posts, you have picked up a little something! From Poo to food, we have covered it all and it is with a heavy heart that I now say goodbye! Au revoir! Auf Weirdersehen!. I shall miss the research, the inspiration and the awe I have felt while researching the various topics that I have had to write about. There truly are some extremely amazing and wonderful things that we can learn about the outside world in which we live. I will especially miss my lovely Science group that made every week fun and full of wonderful moments. Through the mud and often the rain and even the dark, we persevered. Each session full of laughs and fun mixed in with an awful lot of learning. The latter for which I must thank Duncan who made each session so engaging and so interesting. It has taught me a lot about becoming an outstanding teacher of Science as well as in general and where as I was once quite sceptical about how much could be taught outside in a woods. I now believe that forest schools are a wonderful place where children can learn about and begin to love the world in which they live. I shall, if I get the opportunity definitely be returning one day. Hopefully to teach a class of my own and to pass on this wonderful admiration I now have for the outdoors.

So I hope you have enjoyed learning about the outside, inside on your computer whatsits! now get outside and learn to love the outdoors for yourself!. duncan-changing-the-flame-colour.jpgtumblr_inline_o59rwyOqXh1qcl7ch_1280.jpg tumblr_inline_o5aak1cqTv1qcl7ch_1280.jpg


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