Need a Poo? Use a Compost Loo!

The idea being in the woods and going to the loo? No thank you!. Noone in their right

See just like a “real” loo!

mind likes the idea of digging a hole and squatting over it just so you can go to the loo surely?. When I first heard the phrase “compost loo” this is the exact image that came to mind. A hole in the ground, filled with leaves and as smelly as can be!. However, my idea could not be further from the truth. Instead imagine your toilet at home, right now just imagine that not in your home… right now you’ve got it, a compost loo!. In fact I was so taken a back that I could sit on a loo and not on a pile of leaves that I took a picture! (before I went, obviously!).


“So what is a composting toilet and how does it work?” I hear you ask!

A compost loo is a type of “dry toilet” which means it doesn’t flush! the toilet is made up o

Compost Toilet Diagram
The toilet and its sections

f two parts, the bit where you sit and the bit where the “bit you just did” is collected! When your waste passes from you into the toilet, it enters the container/collection section. This section acts almost like a compost heap at home. The waste lands in it and then due to “aerobic processes” (your poo reacts with oxygen), the waste eventually (from around six months to a year) turns into something called “humus” this a a substance mad eup of your wate but that has composted and had all the harmful parts removed. This humus can be used as fertiliser for growing things (although not for food!).


So next time you hear the phrase “compost loo”, dont shriek and run away! Give it a go! you never know what could happen (well we do, but still).

Bears Quote of the day:

“Survival requires us to leave our prejudices at home. It’s about doing whatever it takes – and ultimately those with the biggest heart will win”. – Bear Grylls

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