To Believe or Not to Believe, That is The Question!

Throughout history, there have been stories of weird and mysterious creatures. Magical beings with immense power, stories full of mystery and intrigue, adventure and treasures beyond your wildest imagination and even some stories that will make your toes curl. In Seeley woods, a character from one of these stories still live. A being shrouded in mystery, full of power. Dressed in Green, he wanders Seeley Copse bare footed and yet not a single thorn does he feel. Silently he wandered for centuries, until today……

The mysterious Reevey, for that is his name, seemed to appear out of nowhere. His footsteps made no noise, almost as if he glided along his feet never touching the ground. img_2379.jpgThe mud never squelching or making a sound. One moment everything had seemed normal, we chatted around the fire, we ate, we laughed and we were merry and then. Everything became silent. Not a bird called, the wind became deathly still and even our own breath seemed to make no noise. Unable to take our eyes from him, as if he had cast a spell upon us, we looked at the Reevey, bewildered, astonishment in our eyes. The Reevey beckoned with a gesture and seemingly without thought we gathered around him, our eyes not believing what we saw, our ears needing to know what he had to say. He led us around the copse and what a story he did tell, of magic and intrigue. Each and everyone of us that day left feeling enlightened, more in tune with nature, with the world. Perhaps it was the mysterious power of the Reevey, who knows?. None of us ever saw him again.

Of course, when our lecturer Duncan turned up in a Green outfit closely resembling a barefooted monk. We knew straight away that he was not a character straight from Myths and Legends of the past. However, the story he told and the way in which he acted was inspiring. We followed him much as children would, learning about the woods around us and all left with a strong sense of wonder and a greater sense of affection for the place. This sort of approach to teaching was truly effective, it inspired us as adults and would certainly have a profound effect on children during a forest school session, inspiring them and building memories and experiences that would last forever.  This session truly showed that there is a place for employing role playing strategies in teaching, by being a true inspiration to those that we teach.

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References :

“The Reevey” , Reevey, D (2016)


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