A blog forced upon me by university but, while it’s creation was out of my hands, the amount of fun I have while making it is completely up to me. Therefore!, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of my inner mind bumblings. A world set to…. probably, most definitely bore you into a coma!. For those of you that struggle through and actually read what I have written, prepare yourself for a “Science-y” insight into the beautiful outdoors. In these posts I will go on about the wonderful day I have had, which to people that weren’t there will probably seem a little odd, thrown into this will be an attempt by me to try to explain the Science behind certain things I do. I hope that someone out there will learn something, even if it is that there are many ways to waste time in one’s life and reading my blog, was probably not one of their favourites.

This blog shall also contain pictures as apparently they take up some of the word count yippee!